Fox and Bobcat

Study, Study, Study

I'm to be studying a for the teast on Monday, so I'll be watching some youtube video on the math problem that will be on the test. I also will be doing a final draft on the second essay, and sign for classes on the Spring of 2010. There is going to be some hard work for these assignments.
Fox and Bobcat

What I did today

I decided to go to Best Buy to get a carryer for my labtop. I had been carrying it in the box for two days. I even wen to the mall to buy a outfit for my buildabear lil bunny big ears Hopper, a buildadino sarfai outfit. Since I couldn't access the internet at house I decided to try out playing DVD on my labtop.
Fox and Bobcat

How things going

Got myself a laptops so I'll be also to do most of my school and go online.  I feel a bit wonder about the grade for my Essay from
english class.
Riding Rainbow Dash

What to do at Memoral Day

Memorial Day is coming, that been I have no class on Monday. but I still need to study for upcoming exam. What will I do on Monday, I'll got to the mall to play at gamestop. My family  usually had a cookout; cooking ribs and other meats. I plan to take pictures on Wildlife at the lake. Buildabear and my little pony was just the begining, I want to take a picture of the great herion at the lake, for the great herion is a beautiful birds and post it online.  I will also do some yardwork,

Buildaber Snazzy kitty picture

The buildabear Snazzy kitty I been meaning to show here. Here name is Purrie

Wearing stripes denmi outfit                                                             being hug by twins

being hug by Maple.                                                                          Baby pictures
Riding Rainbow Dash

how 2009 was for me so far

Been having some bad times, the suspented from the mlparena did put me to a depressing. I believe that it was unfair, since they didn't bother to talk to me about the picture I posted. Didn't get any replies from the contact and e-mails,  
I'm just accept the fact that i'm suspended, but becase of what the mod think of me. I'm person who still live with parent, don't got a job, having problem with my twin, attending a community college. Go to the library everyday and night, try to apply for the job. Yes I take picture of my buildabears, not because I'm love, just to post them online for show and make a story with them. I admit that didn't do much at the mlparena, even though Post about that story I wrote, but no longer wasn't interesting in them. I'm not even good at coming of with good topic. The only time I post about ponies is when I get a new ponyrank.

At college, been having some hard time, the math class I took was very different from the last one that I took, don't do any work there, but takke notes that some math problem. The math work is being done online at mathzone. I had fail the exit exam and have to take that retake in order to pass. Right now I'm studying on that the math problems I had trouble with solving using the study guide. I now wish that I hadn't fail my fourth math test if I had went to the right thing on the computer, They grade for math is a "C" if I pass he retake. Reading class, I was hoping that I'll do better there, but I was wrong, I needed to take a retake for that class, I started studying and then took the retake on Monday, today I had gotten a e-mail from my teacher telling me that I had pass. Now I believe that I could pass that math retake. I soon be taking a summer class til June 19.

I had good time and bad times, but I know there is alway hope.
Fox and Bobcat

Photos to shares

Here some picture I took Tuesday, I wish I could show them on mlparena,  I wonder it they're think that there funny.

PetalDove caught Maple and tie her up with carrier.   
PetalDove: Got ya puppy :)
MapIe: Let me go >:(

Maple: You let me go this instance hard head !
Petal Dove: Puppy say mean thing. [about to cry]
Maple:I'm sorry, buy tieding someone up is also mean, could you please let me go?

Petal Dove: Me sorry I only wanted puppy to be friend.
Maple: It okay, just ask to be a friend instead of tieding them up.

Prepareing for the final exam

I got alot to of studying to do for the final, Need some help in math, I have some trouble with some math problem, I also need to study for my reading class as well. I should do more work in the math book alot more, the hint from the Mathzone site just isn't enough, still don't under the the math problem, even though I write down some notes and flash cards, just isn't enough. I do have hope on the passing the exams.